multi-support prints

all shots can be printed on various supports: traditional prints with glass frame or modern supports such as acrylic, canvas, aluminum, acrylic blocks, foam, wood etc, and delivered to your door in a matter of days please contact me for prices which will depend on location, support used and size of the print as we use third parties to print and ship

digital / royalty-free file licenses

a royalty-free file license gives the purchaser the right to use the purchased photo for a period of one year as follows (but does not give the purchaser the ownership thereof, nor the right to resell such photo which is prohibited, the photo remaining the property of the seller/photographer at all times):
  • editorial purposes: printed magazines, newspapers, editorials, newsletters
  • online or electronic publications or uses, including web pages
  • corporate materials, such as corporate presentations, marketing brochures, calendars, e-blasts, invites, corporate promotional items, packaging, catalogues, etc
  • advertisements in newspapers, magazine, or other printed material and web/digital advertisements
  • items for resale, including postcards, posters, calendars, mugs, mousepads, t-shirts, games, etc.
  • books and book covers, cd & dvd covers
please contact me for prices contact me for any purchase